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Battle Oats – Cinnamon ‘N’ Raisin


Battle Oats are gluten free protein flapjacks made using fine English oats, butter, coconut oil (no palm oil), protein isolate and other 100% natural ingredients. The bars are hand made and oven baked in the UK in small batches ensuring freshness and quality.


Battle Oats are being sold in boxes of 12 items. For more information visit and #SnackAwesome


A delicious blend of ground cinnamon ‘n’ raisins.

13 reasons to choose Battle Oats

  1. 100% natural ingredients
  2. High in protein isolate (15g per bar)
  3. Free from wheat and gluten
  4. Made with butter and coconut oil
  5. High in heart-kind saturated fats
  6. High in fibre
  7. Contains no margarine or palm oil
  8. Zero trans fats
  9. Great source of slow-release energy
  10. Source of Omega 3 from added cranberry oil
  11. GMO free
  12. Vegetarian friendly
  13. Oven baked for quality, freshness and taste


Battle Oats are a tasty high protein oaty flapjack made using real butter, coconut oil, protein isolate, gluten free oats and other wholesome natural ingredients


It’s a combination of 100% natural and great tasting ingredients that provides you with a high protein and energy snack for any occasion. Whether you’re blazing a new trail, tackling an intimidating rock face, or ascending from base camp – Battle Oats are there to sustain energy levels and provide sufficient protein for efficient recovery.


Battle Oats are a blend of low GI carbohydrates, healthy heart-kind fats, protein and fibre. When you consume good food you get a good performance outcome.

Additional information


12 x 70g bars


100% Natural Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats, Isolated Soy Protein, Butter (From Cow’s Milk), Fibrulose ((Chicory) Oligofructose, (Chicory) Fructo-Oligosaccharide, (Chicory) Dietary Fibre), Golden Syrup, Raw Cane Sugar, Honey, Invert Syrup, Chocolate Chips, Coconut Oil, Cranberry Oil. Allergy info: Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 50% minimum Contains Soya, Milk Products. Also may contain traces of Peanuts, Nuts, Seeds, Mustard and Lupin.


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